Day 8: spring is coming!


I think they call this pathetic fallacy…


A short but sunny post today! It’s been a big week. I’ve received my one-week NoMo chip, and have to confess that – despite my completely understanding the psychology behind affirmations and external validation and habit-change and all that jazz – it still made me EXTREMELY happy when that “One Week” marker announced itself on my phone with its fizzy, exuberant “bing”.

It’s all about the baby steps. One week is simultaneously nothing, in the big picture, and also a huge achievement for a girl who has been slugging back the booze at quite a rate. I’m hoping to keep it in perspective and celebrate it too: I’m pretty sure that winning little victories steadily is a decent path to long-term success. And I’m going to enjoy my pink clouds today, accompanied as they are by bright blue skies, high yellow sun, and a sense of “yup, I can actually do this.”

I think they call it pathetic fallacy.  *literary face*

Things I’m glad about this week: a short list:

  • I did not drink alcohol
  • The challenge of a full evening’s socialising passed off, if not flawlessly, then at least successfully
  • B. I have been honest and supportive and communicative with each other
  • My tattoo (got on my last drinking day – get me and my symbolism!) is healing very well and looks rather lovely
  • Today, with no lurking hangover, we hit the gym by 9:30am, without me moaning and grousing because I felt groggy and would rather have lurked in bed
  • When at the gym today, my heartrate was coming down after exertion much more quickly: I was recovering better than even a week or so ago
  • My bloated feeling has dissipated quite swiftly – more to come on the vexed relationship between me, booze, weight, body-image and all that jazz, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m trying to wrestle a piglet into a condom when I put my jeans on right now
  • My skin looks better. Already.
  • I have felt more motivated to just get on with things this week. Chores, writing, returning emails and messages, doing my work, putting some thought and effort into cooking good meals… Less drama, less grumbling, more energy and “zip”
  • I have been writing this blog, which has given me both a journaling forum with all of the brilliant outlet which that entails, and also a sense of actual positive achievement
  • Quite unbelievably…people have been visiting me from ALL SORTS OF PLACES!! Thank you, thank you, hello, and thank you! Seeing you here gives me a lift that I can’t quite explain, but it’s bloody brilliant.

I am so grateful for all of the above.

Now, I am going to enjoy the sunshine, watch a movie and have a couple of slices of pizza. I hope the sun is shining where you are too, and if it’s not, I hope you have other kinds of light and warmth in your world. You deserve it.

You know what? We all do.


Happy cat says you deserve good things. Happy cat knows.